Research and Development

The Building Standards Institute engages in research and development in fields of study that have historically been problematic for both home builders and consumers. This research program contains many facets, including destructive testing, work in laboratories with scientific and educational partners, and intelligence gathering through internet research.

Research Project I: Research Project I is the study of sulfate attack on concrete in the field. The performance of concrete foundations of houses 35 to 40 years old in a sulfate soils environment will be made by coring, followed by strict protocol laboratory testing. Petrographic analysis and scanning electron microscope analysis will be performed.

Research Project II: Research Project II is the study of molds and spores as a human pathogen. While molds are found everywhere, they can become concentrated in today's tightly built houses. Although numerous health claims have been made recently, there are no federal or state standards to determine harmful exposure to mold spores and their micotoxins. The research will involve a comprehensive literature search and published clinical results.

Research Project III: Research Project III is the study of green home guidelines for homeowners and builders with the goal of increasing the daily use of sustainable and renewable materials while decreasing the use of water and carbon products. The first phase of the project is the creation of the 2011 Green Home Maintenance supplement used to educate homeowners on energy and water conserving home products and their recommended maintenance. The second phase is the submission of qualifications as reviewers of CALGreen Residential Mandatory Measures to cities within the San Francisco Bay Area.…

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