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“…a no-frills, no-nonsense book about what tasks you need to accomplish, and on what schedule, to maintain your home. A comprehensive glossary explains and clarifies unfamiliar terms, and, most helpfully, a recommended maintenance schedule helps you keep your tasks on track with timely completion, before little problems become huge.”
San Francisco Book Review

“Coauthors MacLellan and Wolfson, both construction specialists, outline home maintenance in a way that is detailed and understandable. Chapters are arranged by different sections of the home… knowledgeable advice and fantastic tips….on diagnosing issues, why maintenance is necessary, and when to hire a professional."
Library Journal

“Whether you own a home, are thinking about buying a home, or are considering remodeling your home, this is the book for you."
Michael Cortney, Former President, Standard Pacific Homes

"Not sure who to call when there's a problem with your new home? The Home Book provides more than 380 performance guidelines for owners of new and remodeled homes. If the floorboards are uneven, is that the homeowner's responsibility or the builder's? What about a window that sticks or a cupboard that sags? This book replaces personal opinions related to construction quality and workmanship in residential homebuilding with clear written guidelines. Intended to be used as a reference manual, The Home Book is divided into nine chapters each with related conditions (problems), the industry-accepted performance guidelines, and the responsibilities of both the builder and the homeowner. The contents were vetted by national building organizations and reviewed by law firms that represent homebuilders and homeowners. The Home Book is a thorough guide for a narrow audience. It will be most useful to those seeking to evaluate the workmanship in their new or newly remodeled homes."
Karen Ackland, Foreword Review

"Home ownership is a big step in your life and, whether you already have a home or plan to buy one, The Home Book is a great resource to have. You'll learn important tips on getting the most for your money. If you plan to remodel or upgrade your house, this guide provides valuable information and opinions to help you make informed decisions on both contractors and materials. The authors have done the homework for you—all you need to do is read the book!"
Super Handy Mom Kelly Carrell, "The Super Handyman," – King Features syndicated newspaper columnist

"Don't walk on your roof! That's just one tip in this guide developed by the Building Standards Institute, a nonprofit that provides consumer education in the field of residential construction. This reference provides the 'performance guidelines that contractors work with when dealing with homeowners, such as what to look for in that 'walk-through' before closing and how you'll null various warranties (walking on the roof voids the one for roof replacement). Nine chapters delve into the nitty-gritty of foundations, floors, and more."
Library Journal

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