Through our distributor, Homeowners Education Association, we offer three outstanding homebuilding industry publications. The Home Book, The National Home Maintenance Manual, and The Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors. All have the common theme of homebuilding quality control and industry standards of care. Consumer expectations, workmanship guidelines and standards, and structured maintenance programs are emphasized throughout each publication.

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The Home BookThe Home Book a valuable, unique reference for every homeowner, builder, contractor, inspector, real estate agent, and property management company. National in scope, it accomplishes what no other homeowner book does - compiling every possible maintenance condition with references to homeowner and homebuilder responsibility. In a thorough, easy-to-read manner, it follows the format of the well-respected California version that has helped homeowners and builders avoid costly construction defect litigation for 10+ years.  Includes Index, Glossary, and References.

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The National Home Maintenance Manual, Sixth NationalThe National Home Maintenance Manual (6th Edition) should be an important part of every homeowners library. It contains practical information, is easy to read and understand, and is comprehensive in its content. All components and aspects of home ownership and home maintenance are covered, from understanding and making the most of your "Walk-through", to when and how to perform essential maintenance tasks.
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Handbook-coverThe Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors fills a very important niche by setting forth standards of workmanship for homebuilding and remodeling. This unique publication covers specifications, methods of installation, and standards for 35 of the specialty trades that build houses.
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