Green Building

The California Building Industry Association (CBIA) recently announced that they would support a series of executive orders established by the Governer's Administration that outlines a series of "green building programs" for state-owned buildings and the commercial sector.

The Administration is sponsoring a legislative proposal which would:

  • Specify that the Building Standards Commission (BSC) shall oversee the development of voluntary green building guidelines for residential and non-residential buildings and that the individual components of the guidelines be produced by appropriately authorized state agencies;
  • Ensure that the voluntary guidelines are compatible and do not conflict with existing building standards contained in the California Building Code and that they meet the same administrative “nine-point criteria” that the BSC applies to the adoption of mandatory building standards (i.e. cost impact, etc.)
  • Direct BSC to publish the guidelines as a stand-alone “Green Building Guideline Manual”, separate from the California Building Code;
  • Establish a task force of local government and industry representatives who would develop a list of potential incentives for consideration by local government in promoting the voluntary application of the green building guidelines.”

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